The Bharatanatyam Dance

About the dance


The Bharatanatyam dance (also known as the fifth Veda) is a classical dance originating from South India, Tamil Nadu. It was developed over thousands of years ago therefore it's considered nowadays as one of the oldest classical dance in India. 

The history of Bharatanatyam goes all the way to 5000 years old.  The Celestials, Indra and other people were fighting alot with Rakshasas, Asuras. It was about good fighting the evil to give goodness to people. They were always fighting and eventually, both sides got fed up with all the battle and have come to a conclusion to go to Bhrama the creator. They said " Create something for us which will be visual and something we can appreciate and feel happy about." Bhrama then created this dance, each dance has its own lyrics, the nine emotions and most importantly their unique music and rhythm.   

The word "bharatanatyam" is actually spelt together with  four other Indian words combined, all giving meaningful description of the dance itself:

                                                                   Bhava (Expression)
                                                                   Raga (Melody)
                                                                   Tala (Rhythm)
                                                                   Natya (Classical Indian Musical Theatre)