The Bharatanatyam Dance


Tatta Adavu

The word Tatta literally means "to tap". In this adavu, we are taught the Bharatanatyam way of leg tapping. This adavu involves only the use of legs unlike most other adavus.

Natta Adavu

This is the Natta Adavu in classical Indian dance of Bharatanatyam."Natta" means to stretch and so the Adavu involves some stretching to form beautiful patterns.

Visharu Adavu

This video shows the first variation of Visharu Adavu.

TattiMetti Adavu

This shows the first variation of Tatti Metti Adavu.

Sarikal Adavu

This is part of a series of videos on the classical Indian dance of Bharatanatyam. Adavus are basic building blocks of Bharatanatyam. 

Bharatanatyam Performance

An excerpt from Pushpanjali - an invocatory piece in Bharatanatyam; dance choreography by Savitha Sastry; All rights reserved. Student of Dhananjayans and Adyar Lakshman.